festive period and divorce

Why is there a spike in divorce enquiries once the festive period ends?


Whenever a festive period like Chinese New Year or Christmas ends, here at Quick Divorce Singapore, we usually notice an upward trend in divorce enquiries.


The post-festive period – where happiness runs out?


The festive season is usually associated with happiness and joy. In most cases, couples are already dealing with issues or are facing a crisis in their relationship. So why do more couples contemplate or decide to file for divorce after the festive period? There appear to be a variety of reasons:


  1. They do not want to dampen the mood during the festive season, especially if children are involved.
  2. The children are back at school.
  3. Couples may want to have one “last” gathering as a family.
  4. Troubled couples may have hoped that the joyous period will help to improve the situation.
  5. They may want to avoid the awkwardness and “interrogation” at family gatherings.
  6. Couples decide that they want a fresh start in the new year.
  7. Pressure from friends and family during gatherings as the acrimony might not be isolated to the couple alone.
  8. Something major happened during the festive season that leaves divorce as the only option for the couple.
  9. Money problems resurface under the added pressure and expenses attached to the festivities.


At the end of the day, getting a divorce is a significant and difficult decision. While we recommend getting legal advice early, we also wish for potential clients to take the time to make sure that a divorce is what they really want.


If you have decided that a divorce is the way moving forward, it is best to consider settling it in an amicable manner to save yourself time, money and the emotional burden.


If your divorce is mutual and uncontested, it takes only 1 month to obtain the Interim Judgment and another 3 months after that to obtain the Final Judgment. There is no need for you to appear in court as well.


The fees for an uncontested divorce is significantly lower than if the divorce is contested. At Quick Divorce Singapore , our fees are $1,500 if there are no ancillary matters and $2,500 if there are ancillary issues.


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