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Issues in a Contentious Divorce in Singapore

Issues in a Contentious Divorce in Singapore A divorce is an emotionally difficult process and understandably so. Parties to a divorce not only have to deal with the end of a marriage and relationship, they also have to worry about other issues such as finances, where to live, and how the divorce might affect the […]

5 reasons why you need a good lawyer in a simplified uncontested divorce

   . In Singapore, parties can consider simplified uncontested divorce proceedings if an agreement on the divorce and ancillary matters has been reached. This means that parties have agreed on the reason for the divorce, as well as matters pertaining to the children, division of the matrimonial home and assets and/or maintenance.   It is […]


Getting a divorce while living overseas

  Introduction   Singapore is a very global city and its citizens have no lack of opportunities overseas. It is increasingly common for couples who were married in Singapore to migrate to other countries for a variety of reasons, whether professional or personal. However, marriages don’t always work out and the couple who has moved […]


  HOW TO GET AN UNCONTESTED DIVORCE IN SINGAPORE An uncontested divorce is the alternative to going through a trial in court.  An uncontested divorce is much less expensive than a contested divorce and allows both parties to end their marriage amicably and quickly. In Singapore, a majority of divorce cases are uncontested divorces.   […]


Why is there a spike in divorce enquiries once the festive period ends?   Whenever a festive period like Chinese New Year or Christmas ends, here at Quick Divorce Singapore, we usually notice an upward trend in divorce enquiries.   The post-festive period – where happiness runs out?   The festive season is usually associated […]