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When can I marry again?

In Singapore, after your divorce, you may remarry after the Final Judgement has been obtained. The Final Judgement is also known as the Certificate of Final Judgement Form. You must also wait till the Court has concluded all ancillary matters pertaining to your case, or for 3 months, whichever comes later, before you may apply […]

Is a lawyer required for a divorce?

Do you need a divorce lawyer to handle your divorce? Technically, you may apply for a divorce on your own without a lawyer, though this is usually not the recommended approach. The process may be unfamiliar and complex for some. You will still be required to file the required legal documents in the correct formats, […]

Can I oppose my spouse’s divorce application?

In short, yes it is possible. To do so, however, it is important to follow the proper process as set out in the law. If you opt to ignore a Court case, the Court may pass judgement without your presence or acknowledgement. You may suddenly find your marriage legally terminated and that ancillary matters regarding […]

What happens if I couldn’t find my spouse?

If your spouse may not be found, you may still apply for a divorce with the Singapore Family Justice Courts. The process, however, may be more expensive and complex as the Court will still require the divorce papers on him or her to be served.

How may I apply for a divorce in Singapore?

 . With the Singapore Family Justice Courts, File a Writ of Divorce File a Statement of Claim File a Statement of Particulars Respective filing fees apply. If you are the one filing for a divorce, you are known as the plaintiff. Your other half is known as the defendant. You may file for a divorce […]

What are the requirements for a divorce in Singapore?

What are the requirements for a divorce in Singapore? You will only be granted a divorce only if the Family Justice Courts deemed your marriage having officially ended. In legal terms, this means that the Judge of the Family Justice Courts must agree that your marriage has irrevocably broken down. To prove that your marriage […]

Can you divorce in Singapore?

Can you divorce in Singapore?  . For a start, it is important to ensure that you are eligible to apply for a divorce in the first place, under the Singapore Family Justice Courts. You may not apply for a divorce under the Family Justice Courts if you and your spouse are Muslims, or if your […]

What is the definition of a divorce in Singapore?

Under Singapore law, a divorce is legal proceeding that officially terminates a marriage. When a Judge with the Singapore Family Justice Courts approve your divorce, you will be handed a Interim Judgement of Divorce.  . This officially concludes the first stage of your divorce. The Interim Judgement of Divorce, however, do not address matters pertaining […]

Deed of Separation

 . Prior to having a divorce, one may consider being separated from his or her spouse for a set amount of time. If both parties agree to be separated without going through an official divorce, an agreement known as the deed of separation may be drafted to determine the terms and conditions governing the relationship. […]