5 reasons why you need a good lawyer in a simplified uncontested divorce




In Singapore, parties can consider simplified uncontested divorce proceedings if an agreement on the divorce and ancillary matters has been reached. This means that parties have agreed on the reason for the divorce, as well as matters pertaining to the children, division of the matrimonial home and assets and/or maintenance.


It is common for parties proceeding with a simplified uncontested divorce to engage a good divorce lawyer.

If you and your spouse are considering divorce on an uncontested basis, or if your spouse has already engaged a lawyer to commence divorce proceedings on an uncontested basis, this article may help shed some light on why you should engage a good divorce lawyer to represent you in a simplified uncontested divorce:


  1. Know your rights

Even if you and your spouse have reached an agreement with regard the divorce and ancillary matters, you would not know if your rights are being protected or whether the proposal is a fair one, if you do not know the law. In such a situation, you could be placed at a significant legal disadvantage if you are not represented by a competent divorce lawyer or if you have no legal representation at all.


Clearly, it is of utmost importance to engage a good divorce lawyer, such that he/she is able to advise you on the law and what you are legally entitled to. A good divorce lawyer is one who will listen to your case, provide you with sound advice, and ensure that your rights are protected before arranging for you to sign the divorce papers.


  1. Properly drafted documents

Poorly drafted terms in a divorce court order may pose various problems even after the divorce has been finalised, further complicating matters for parties. There have been many instances of parties finding themselves in an undesirable situation where the terms that were detailed in the court order lack clarity or are unworkable after a divorce. In such situations, one party would then have to apply to court to vary the court order after the divorce. This could be with regard to the division of the matrimonial property, access to the children, maintenance sum etc. This would in turn lead to extra incurred costs and also prolonged and unnecessary stress for parties.


Evidently, rather than engaging any lawyer for your divorce proceedings, it is crucial to engage a good divorce lawyer who is able to ensure that relevant documents are drafted precisely and clearly, and in accordance with the law as well as parties’ intentions.


  1. Knowledge on the law

Having a good divorce lawyer handle your case means that the lawyer is likely to have extensive experience in handling various types of family law matters (uncontested divorce, contested divorce, child custody matters etc.), as they manage such cases on a daily basis. This lawyer would be familiar with and highly knowledgeable about the legal documents required for a divorce as well as the court process.


As the law is ever changing, it would be prudent to engage a lawyer who specializes in family law to ensure that you will be advised on the law and its recent developments. A good divorce lawyer will also be able to help identify issues that parties may not necessarily have discussed or considered, ensuring that parties are not missing anything material. This may prevent potential issues from arising after the conclusion of the divorce proceedings, saving parties time and costs in the long run.


  1. Peace of mind

Divorce, whether contested or uncontested, can be emotionally draining and stressful for parties. A good divorce lawyer is one who will hear your case, provide you with sound advice and guide you through the legal process, ensuring that your rights are protected. Engaging a good divorce lawyer affords you the peace of mind that you are not being taken advantage of by your spouse, even if you have little knowledge of the relevant law.


  1. Costs

Engaging a good divorce lawyer does not necessarily mean you need to spend a fortune on legal fees. In fact, having legal representation may help you save money on legal fees in the long run. As mentioned above, an experienced divorce lawyer is able to identify potential issues that may arise between parties, and thus preventing a need for a variation of the divorce court order in the future.


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